Health is for Society (and Macroeconomics) what the Working Capital is for the Business

Health and business

Bergamo, the price of not confining in time.

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A company can have a fantastic P&L and an amazing Business Plan, but without working capital it has no future (it’s dead)

It is a very simplistic but realistic way of showing the direction of the relationship between Health and Economy.

Changing the order of the factors drastically and dramatically changes the outcome.

We have had examples of this, but it seems that the experience of the neighbor (Italy in this case) little or nothing teaches us.

At a time when the harshness of the economic and social consequences of the pandemic makes us doubt the prevalence of health criteria over economic criteria in decision-making processes, we wonder if an economic prosperity would really be possible in a context of recurring sanitary emergency.

Guaranteeing peace and health have been sine qua non conditions for human and economic development.

And now the expected comment will come:

if I don’t die of covid 19, I’m going to starve.

Health and business
Health and business

How much more immediate, activatable and controllable are the levers of monetary management and economic solidarity than the search for a medical solution?

It is our duty to manage what we can control, mitigate individual economic suffering and support the economy, and seek ways to control what we currently do not control, the medical control of pandemics.

LET THEM TAKE CARE OF OUR HEALTH, and let’s take care of ourselves, although not for ethics and humanism, let it be for economic reasons.

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