The value of DOUBT

Human, beyond digital skills.

How much ink is being used to glimpse what the main Competencies of a Digital Leader are. nd how many definitive solutions are being proposed to us every day. The truth is that each solution has its own reasons. I compare one list to another, and almost all of them make sense. And, you know, they make sense beyond the digital context. They make sense as management skills, in general.

Let’s start to treat digital for what it is,a facilitator, an element of context, not the reason in itself.

So, let’s move ahead to create our own definitivedigital skills briefcase. It’s clear that they will be useful and the most of them will be the same.

They are a “must have” for a good Leader, but I have the feeling that they will not make a real difference for creating a cohesive and High Performance Teams.

What I would like to rescue today is,

the POWER of Vulnerability and the VALUE of Doubt.

But just, if well and positively managed.

They are states, or attitudes, that we ALL deal with, especially in times of Uncertainty.

And they are states that most associate with WEAKNESS.

What I would like to propose here is to consider them as a demonstration of STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE.

Voltaire said “Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.”


“The value of doubt.”

Let’s start with semantics, which, as always, will help us understand the essence of the concept that is synthesized in the word.

Here are some very clear and expressive definitions:

Vulnerability: from Latin “vulnerabilis“, formed by “vulnus” which means “wound” and the suffix “-abilis” which expresses “possibility”. Therefore, it is thepossibility of being injured.

The risk that a person, system or object may suffer from imminent dangers”.

Doubt: from Latin dubitare, which means “hesitating between two things” the hesitation or indecision that one has between two or more judgments or decisions ; or the uncertainty that is experienced in front of certain facts and news – lack of certainty.

Creation and management of high performance teams

The brief reflection that I would invite us to make is about the impact that these attitudes can have on the creation and management of high-performance teams or, more simply, cohesive teams.

Sharing our imperfections, our vulnerability and therefore our doubts makes us lower the mask of the public self, and allow ourselves to be seen for who we really are.

This gives us the possibility to create a deep connection with peopleand makes them see themselves as well for who they really are.

This makes us strong personally, and even more as a team, creating enormous cohesion and trust. And generating in the team the ability to cover with the strengths of some the weaknesses of others and to have the certainty of being able to support our weaknesses with strengths of others.

This is essential to mobilize everyone together towards the achievement of common goals.


“The Power of Vulnerability.”


“Compartir las dudas fortalece las relaciones de equipo.”

Don’t trust those who always have the solution, stand close to those who seek it and ask you to search for it together. And do not confuse the value of Doubt with the weakness of constant uncertainty.

Doubt does not have to immobilize us in a lack of decision. It has to serve to decide consciously. Aristotle already said:” The ignorant person affirms, the wise one hesitates and reflects

The doubt shows us how there may be multiple solutions and / or opinions. And therefore, it always pushes us to improve, to continue investigating, to turn to collective knowledge (to others) to expand the range of experience, knowledge and useful possibilities to achieve what we are looking for.

Therefore, don’t you think that the traditional image of a confident leader, with unchangeable solutions, who does not allow to be questioned, today, clearly transmits great insecurity? An inability to know how to customize decisions to the context?

Don’t you think that, as Descartes said, “doubt is the beginning of wisdom” (‘dubium sapientiae initium’)?

But beware, showing your Vulnerability and Doubt has to be an AUTHENTIC and generous behavior.

If it is just an act, the effect will be catastrophic and we will be left alone.

So, when we ask ourselves again about the Key Competencies that we need in the digital age, let’s be aware that in order to mobilize the maximum potential of a team it is necessary to work first on the creation of authentic and relevant relationships. Being crystal clear that understanding what moves humansalways comes first and just then, as a contextualized complement, the power of the HumanTech connection as an accelerator or an additive. Otherwise, we will obtain efficient teams, but not ones which really make the difference.


Luca Boer – Partner & Co-CEO Talent Republic

Human-Tech believer

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