Advisor. Beyond recruiting & Head hunting.

Be relevant


“Advisor and the concept of creating value”.

As an Executive, and therefore as a Candidate.

Recruiters and Head Hunters have been relevant in my career (they have been when I wasn’t looking for them) and irrelevant in my “re-placement” (you become invisible when you look for them). In short, you are a perishable product (with an expiration date).

As a Client.

I perfectly knew who to have next to it according to the need:

  1. Fill vacancies? Recruiters.
  2. Add, resources or knowledge? Head Hunters.
  3. Create value? Advisors.

I have come across many efficient recruiters and a few effective head hunters. But what’s about the advisors? They are generally a chimera, but if you recognize them they are, almost, forever.

The first two allow you to extract value, while advisors help you to create value.

An Advisor sees the whole, the potential (to create value) in the connection between professionals and companies, according to the context. In these cases, the professional is not a product and the company is not only a client.

Today, sitting on the other side of the table, it is clear to me that you always have to commit to being an advisor, aiming to create value for the business, making the Talent-Company match being relevant. That creates value for both of them.


“The professional is not a product and the company is not only a client. “

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